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Project Management Contractors can be a very sound choice for small businesses that like to keep long term head count down, or when you need to recruit someone in a short amount of time to manage a project that requires specialist knowledge that your business may not possess.

At Lexinc we hope we can help…we have a team of experienced Project Management Contractors who can provide your business with mid to long term support in managing and leading your projects.


In the current tough trading environment it is becoming increasingly important that the success of projects is not left to chance. With budgets being cut, resource reduced and timescales more challenging companies can not afford to let their projects fail.

Lexinc’s Project Management Contractors can lead the full end to end management of your projects.

        Our Contractors can also help you with long term Product Management activities such as full product launches, or a complete review of your existing product portfolio.
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to find out how our Contractors can help reduce your resource constraints, and provide specialist skills in leading your key projects
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