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Lexinc’s Marketing Consultants are passionate and determined in our desired output, to:
Increase your customer base and capture a greater market share through cost effective,      innovative marketing strategies
Maximise the potential from your existing customers and gain competitive advantage      through effective Customer Loyalty campaigns
Develop winning and practical Marketing strategies to drive future, sustainable,      transformational growth
Optimise and launch profitable products and services that meet your customer’s needs,      and help set you apart from competitors.

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  New Customer Acquisition   Customer Loyalty
  Successful business always ensure they are keeping a close eye on the future growth of their business. Lexinc can help you to focus on new customer acquisition strategies that will enable you to get the best return from your future marketing investment and capture greater market share.   Its essential for all small businesses to retain their most valued customers, this becomes even more important in a tough economic climate.

Lexinc can help you implement successful, cost effective and customer focused Loyalty strategies, that will provide competitive advantage and ensure your customers stay loyal.
  Strategic Marketing   Product Management

Every Business owner and Managing Director will have to make Strategic Marketing decisions that will affect the future of the business for many years.

We want to help you develop a clear, well defined Marketing Strategy that will allow your small business to focus its resource on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

  Maximising the potential of existing products and launching new winning products is not easy, and in this current economic climate there is even greater pressure to ensure that your products and services meet the needs of your customers.

Lexinc can help…our Consultants have great experience in managing and optimising existing products to ultimately increase sales. We also know what it takes to launch new products to market faster and with greater chances of success.
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