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Our mission to Power Your Growth is embedded at the very heart of our business culture, we are passionate and determined to fulfil this and excel by:

Delivering practical, creative and winning Marketing solutions that meet the unique needs of your small business

Guaranteeing that we will provide a personalised, honest and first class service

Offering our commitment to give you the support, direction, tools and advice that will ultimately drive momentum for the sustainable, transformational growth of your business

  Lexinc is a Marketing Consultancy Company for small businesses. We define a small business as a company with less than 50 employees.

We have experience across a range of different industries, and are confident that through being able to understand the needs of your small business, we will be able to effectively work with you to deliver a first class, value for money, winning service.

At Lexinc, we appreciate that value for money is top of the list for any small business, to that end we aim to offer a first class service, at a competitive and fair fee.

We promise to be very transparent about the service we deliver, the desired output and the fee charged to give you full clarity from the outset.

Marketing Consultant service:
At Lexinc we have great experience across a range of Marketing disciplines. We won't just offer a ‘one size fits all' solution, we aim to provide simple, straight forward and practical advice, drawing on our Marketing expertise.

Project Management Contractor support:
As a small business you may often find yourself under-resourced or may simply lack some areas of expertise. At Lexinc we might be able to help…..we have a team of Project Management Contractors who can provide your Business with mid to long term support in managing and leading your projects.

Marketing Training Courses:
We recognise and appreciate that every small business is unique, that’s why we have designed a handful of Marketing Training Courses that can be customised to meet your specific needs.
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